One of the things that truly irks and frustrates me is when I see people using arguments that are blatantly wrong to support their particular position. Particularly when they are making an argument for something that I actually think is right! For example, I agree with many of the political views of filmmaker Michael Moore, but am appalled by his admitted distortions within his movies/documentaries.

This happens with everyone. Christians quote supposed "facts" that are actually entirely baseless; atheists do the exact same thing. Conservatives present deliberately distorted information in order to demonize liberals; liberals do the exact same thing.

My own attitude is that if your position is right, and if you have facts to support it, there is no need whatsoever to resort to distortions, fabrications, exaggerations, and lies. Doing so only indicates that you either A) are ignorant of the arguments supporting your position, or B) don't actually have enough facts and information to support your position, so have to resort to dishonest tactics.

Or, alternatively, it may be that you yourself are a victim of others who've presented 'bad arguments' heard it from someone else, and believe that it is true.

Whatever the case may be, "Bad Arguments" is intended as a resource to sort through the crap, and help people better understand the reality and truth of the various claims being made out there. Not only will this help you to better understand these arguments, but it will give you a convenient resource that you can point other people towards when you hear them making those arguments.

There will be two "Bad Arguments" sections. The first will be as a part of the blog, and will highlight some of the more common/egregious claims being made. The other will be on the forums, and will not only feature discussion on a much wider range of claims, but also provide a place where people can ask questions, (ie. "I heard someone say such-and-such, is that actually true?").

There are two different kinds of "Bad Arguments" that will be featured. The first are those that are factually wrong, and can be demonstrated to be wrong. The second are those that are logically flawed (ie. that reach conclusions that are not supported by the arguments being made).

"Bad Arguments" is not intended for questions that are more a matter of opinion, or for which the evidence is not clear. If you wish to discuss/debate such topics, please do so in other, more appropriate forums.